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Christa Lynn is an artist and holds a BFA. Visual Art, Music, Sound Art, Photography. Contemporary Art by Christa Lynn. All work is copyright ©Christa Lynn

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Art Of Christa Lynn - Vancouver BC

Christa Lynn holds a Bachelor Of Fine Arts (BFA) in music composition from Simon Fraser University. Her creative talents extend beyond composing music and into the realm of visual art - including painting, mixed media and photography. Her artwork is rich in colour and is evocative of impressionistic, expressionistic fauvism punctuated with staccato dadaism. Christa's art is infused with love & healing vibes. Christa is a vivid story teller with an alluring voice that not only captivates the ear, but enchants the heart. She is influenced by the vast energies of the Prairies and the West Coast of Canada as well as the intricacies of the human condition which emerge as thematic threads that are interwoven throughout her work. Christa currently resides in Vancouver BC.

All artwork, images, photos, music, stories, audio, audio recordings and text copyright © 1996-2018 Christa Lynn. All rights reserved and copyright under the Canadian Copyright Law.