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Music Compositions

Music Compositions By Christa Lynn. Christa Lynn is an artist. Visual Art, Music, Sound Art, Photography. Contemporary Art by Christa Lynn. All work is copyright ©Christa Lynn

Chamber Music

Purlium - Composed for two violins and breath, this composition evokes story of the passionate exchange between two lovers as the violins become entwined.

Dozmenitose - composed for violin and viola. The violin and viola is a simulacra of the human voice. This piece evokes the intonation, nuances and phrasing of voices as the instruments participate in a musical conversation filled with emotionality seeping through the musical dialogue. 

Hyalyte - composed for piano and percussion. This piece depicts the raw beauty of rough gemstone as it's chiseled from the earth in all of its jaggedness and shimmering beauty. The piano is scored for melody, however, it's percussive nature is also brought forth as it intertwines with various percussive instruments. I handmade a special pair of mallets for the vibraphone sections to bring out certain colours and tones of the instrument. 

Balisse - composed for flute, clarinet and cello. This piece is indicative of a daydreamy mindscape environ of swirling dreams and contrapuntal fantasies. This is then interrrupted and punctuated by repetitive and obsessive thoughts that creep in unawares moving to the forefront of consciousness and then receding back into the depths of the mind once again.

Snafu - composed for solo violin. A light and playful piece displaying the frustrations and humour when snafus arise in life and how to shake them off. 

Electroacoustic & Computer Music

String Environs - an electroacoustic piece of recorded string instruments and a tuneable stringed door chime. This surrealistic piece is filled with raw emotion and musical angst of the human condition. Ride the wave of an emotional tsunami until it resides back into the tide of the mind where it becomes a mere whisper. Best listened to in headphones for experiencing the sonic movement effect with the volume set to moderately low - this piece does get loud in parts. You have been warned.

FM Study - this piece utilizes frequency modulation and granular synthesis techniques that opens the portal into a hazy dreamscape of repetitive motifs, nuances and variances where the listener floats around this otherworld and the way out is obscured....until the listener is released and emerges from this surrealist dreamscape once again. Best listened to in headphones for experiencing the sonic movement effect with the volume set to moderate or moderate-low.

Sound Art & Soundscapes

Works are currently in progress...

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